About Us

Frustrated with the restrictions of photographing on public lands, professional photographer Ron Niebrugge dreamed of creating his own nature photography paradise. Desert Photo Retreat is a result of Ron’s dream.

Nestled on 10 acres of saguaro studded property in the Tortolita Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona Ron has created a nature photographers dream property. Featuring two enclosed blinds with allowing photographers to comfortably photograph wildlife and birds.

This saguaro studded property allows endless opportunities for wildlife, landscape and night photography.  Check out our species list to see what has been to Desert Photo Retreat.

A few things to know about Desert Photo Retreat. We are 8 miles down a dirt road, you do not need 4WD but a very low clearance car may have trouble. The beauty of being 8 miles off the grid is you are immediately transported to a tranquil desert setting and feel as though civilization is much further away than it actually is. Most cell phones have reception out here
There is a restroom facility and access to water for our daily visitors. Because traveling the dirt road can be slow we recommend you bring anything you might need for the day with you, such a food and beverages.