Camera Trapping Photography Workshop

We offer this workshop all season at Desert Photo Retreat.  You select the dates (subject to availability)  Check our calendar for available dates.

Workshop is limited to 2 people:  Cost is $500 for first photographer, $250 for second photographer.

This is a great opportunity to learn about camera trapping and to come away with some cool images at the same time.

Currently taking reservations for 2021!
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Camera trapping has definitely changed wildlife photography for the better.  Not only are we now able to capture images of rare, or elusive animals, but we can also capture more dramatic up close images with wide-angle lenses that illustrate the environment and lead to far more compelling imagery.  Unlike most wildlife photography which usually involves reacting to the situation, with camera trapping we have total control of the composition, and even know exactly where the animal will be in the frame if the camera is triggered, so we really have a lot of control over the creative process.

Typically, camera trapping is a frustrating thing to teach as it can take days if not weeks before you see any meaningful results.  However, I have solved that problem at the Desert Photo Retreat as we have a couple of remote water holes that see a wide variety of animals every night.  They have also become accustomed to the camera and flash activity, so you are almost certain to come away with successful images!  In fact, I am so confident that you will capture an image that I am offering a $100 money back guarantee if you do not get any pictures.  I'm not guaranteeing what you will capture just that you will capture some bird or animal.   We won't count squirrels or mice.

The gear can be complicated, and I have had to learn a number of things the hard way, but I can save you the frustration.  I will provide the camera trigger, wireless flash triggers and the flashes themselves - everything you need, all you need is your camera!

We will begin the workshop talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices of camera triggers and how they work.  I will cover remote triggers such as the Pocket Wizard and even camera apps such as the one that is available for some Canon cameras. But I will concentrate on the automatic camera triggers, and will have a variety to demonstrate including the Pluto, Camtraptions and the Cognisys Sabre camera trigger.  I will also cover wireless flash triggers and flashes, and why very few actually work for this application, and why the ones I use do work.

Finally, we will actually set everything up at the waterhole.  I will talk about camera settings, flash settings, lens settings and focus, not to mention composition and other considerations.

Then it is a matter of waiting.  You can return to your hotel, or you can choose to utilize our Airstream at no extra charge.  If you do stay on sight, the hard part is to resist the urge to “check” on things when you see the distant flash activity.

Then comes the fun - checking what you captured during the night at first light the next morning!  I will also have a game cam set up nearby capturing video so that we can evaluate what happened.

We offer this workshop all season subject to availability at Desert Photo Retreat.  Check our calendar to see what dates are available.


  • DSLR camera
  • Tripod
  • Headlamp
  • Variety of lenses, especially a wide angle lens.


Arrive at 1:30 the day of the workshop.  This gives us all afternoon for instruction and setup.  We should have everything setup and in position by sunset.   The following morning return at sunrise where we will review the results.  You are welcome to stay until 11:00 and photograph on your own from the blinds if you would like.


$500 for one person, a non-photographer spouse or partner is free.

$250 for second photographer.

A second photographer would receive all the same instruction, but would share the flash and trigger setup.  So they could have a unique composition, but the animal and pose would be the same.


  • One-on-one instruction and assistance by Ron
  • Use of Ron's camera trigger, wireless flash triggers and flashes themselves - with Ron's assistance.
  • Access to Desert Photo Retreat facilities, including Airstream for the night.


  • Transportation to/from Property
  • Lodging if you choose not to stay at the property.
  • Meals