Photography Lecture Availability

Ron is available to provide a wide range of photography lectures / talks.  Topics can cover techniques, composition or his many travel destinations particularly his home state of Alaska or Antarctica, a place a place Ron has visited 6 times.  If you have an organization that needs a speaker contact us.

Ron is excited to have a busy speaking schedule this winter, and is looking forward to meeting lots of Arizona based photographers!

Here is Ron’s current schedule of photography lectures for the winter of 2020, with a description of his talks below:

2020 Photography Lectures

January 13, 2020 Casa Grande Camera Club Animalscapes!

March 5, 2020 Sun Lakes Camera Club Animalscapes and Alaska!

Ron will talk about the techniques and strategies he uses to combine his two favorite passions, landscape photography and wildlife photography. The results are images much different than the typical wildlife images created with long telephoto lenses. Not only can these techniques make your images unique, but it doesn’t require big expensive lenses, these concepts can even be applied to a cell phone camera!

Ron has spent more than 40 years exploring and photographing Alaska and will share his favorite locations and tips for going about photographing these locations. If you have never been to Alaska, or have been many times and are looking for something new and different, then this presentation is for you. Even well know destinations like Denali National Park can be challenging to photograph, and Ron’s tips will improve your chances of being successful.